MoDo is an Idiot

But her sister Peggy is an Obamacan, in this case meaning a Republican who voted for Obama.

What Peggy says

Peggy thinks the president has done fine managing W.’s messes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And she lights up at the mention of his vice president, Joe Biden. But she thinks Obama has to get “a backbone” if he wants to lure her back to the fold. “He promised us everything, saying he would turn the country around, and he did nothing the first year,” Peggy says. “He piddled around when he had 60 votes. He could have pushed through the health care bill but spent months haggling on it because he wanted to bring some Republicans on board. He was trying too hard to compromise when he didn’t need the Republicans and they were never going to like him. Any idiot could see that.

“He could have gotten it through while Teddy Kennedy was still alive – he owed the Kennedys something – and then the bill was watered down.

“He hasn’t saved the economy, and now he’s admitting he’s made very little progress. You can’t for four years blame the person who used to be president. Obama tries to compromise too much, and he doesn’t look like a strong leader. I don’t watch him anymore. I’m turned off by him. I think he’s an elitist. He went down to the gulf, telling everyone to take a vacation down there, and then he goes to Martha’s Vineyard. He does what he wants but then he tells us to do other things.

Emphasis mine.


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    • TMC on 09/12/2010 at 18:55

    For Obama to “lure” voters back into the fold to eke out even a draw this November. I agree with Milbank, Obama needs be more FDR and start standing up for Main St. that is suffering so badly.

  1. would be my emphasis.

    People will vote for strong and wrong before they will vote for weak and right. Isn’t that what Bill Clinton said years ago.

    It’s looking more and more like Obama will be a “One and Done” president.

    He did it to himself. I have no sympathy.

  2. that MoDo’s sister Peggy was a Republican Obama voter, yet she was disappointed Obama didn’t push through a meaningful Health Care reform while he had 60 votes.

    If she cared that much about Health Care reform, why the f was she a Republican?

    “He could have gotten it through while Teddy Kennedy was still alive – he owed the Kennedys something – and then the bill was watered down.”

    Could it be she was a Republican because she was a fiscal “tax cuts for the rich” conservative or a social issues “small government accept when it comes to reproductive rights” conservative?


    “Obama tries to compromise too much,…

    Maybe she was a Republican because she’s afraid of the Gays or she is some sort of Islamophobe? How old is she?

    Must be the Idiot gene she shares with her sister.

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