Sep 18 2010

Prime Time

You might be interested to know that the Seattle Storm are the new WNBA Champions in a 3 game sweep.

Well, just wait until the Lady Huskies get started.

In not the news another weekend of prison porn starting at 10.  No Dave, Jon, or Stephen.  Of the 2 rallies to be held on the 30th I prefer ‘Keep Fear Alive’ to Jon’s neo Broderism.  Stephen is funnier than you too Jon.  Interesting and sad that they didn’t even think of including a lefty alternative.


Alton does breakfast.  Adult Swim has Childrens Hospital, American Dad, The Mighty Boosh (Party, next to last episode of Season 3), Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace (Hell Hath Fury, episode 2)

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