Krugman: Obama’s Tax-Cut Defense ‘Enormously Self-Indulgent’

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Obama is just caving to the hostage takers again like he did with health care. He just continues to lie and throw the true Democratic principle under the bus.

From James K. Galbraith

Whose side is the White House on anyway?

The president should know that, as Lincoln told Congress in 1862, he “cannot escape history”

This isn’t a parlor game. The outcome isn’t destined to be alright. It will not necessarily end in progress whatever happens. What we do, how we proceed, and how we effectively resist what is plainly about to happen, matters very greatly for the future of our country, of our children, and of another generation to come. We need to lose our fear, our hesitation, and our unwillingness to face the facts. If we thereby lose some of our hopes, let’s remember the dictum of William of Orange that “it is not necessary to hope in order to persevere.”

The president should know that, as Lincoln said to the Congress in the dark winter of 1862, he “cannot escape history.” And we are heading now into a very dark time, so let’s face it with eyes open. And if we must, let’s seek leadership that shares our values, fights for our principles, and deserves our trust.

History will not judge this President kindly.

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