Apr 05 2011

2011 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2011

Well you can hardly be more wrong than I was on Sunday.  Never let it be said I’m unwilling to admit it when I am.

Sunday’s Results

Seed Team Record Score Region Seed Team Record Score Region
1 Stanford 31 – 3 62 West 2 *Texas A&M 32 – 5 63 Southwest
1 Connecticut 36 – 2 63 East 2 *Notre Dame 30 – 7 72 Southeast

Now TheMomCat has expressed a preference for the Aggies while I am sticking with my Big East obsession.

This is the 24th and final entry in this year’s coverage, though I do have some meta points to make after I recover from the ordeal.

The Final

Seed Team Record Region Seed Team Record Region
2 Notre Dame 30 – 7 Southeast 2 Texas A&M 32 – 5 Southwest

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If you don’t like squeeky shoes you can look for alternate programming here-

If you like a more traditional bracket try this NCAA one, they also have a TV schedule.

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