Happy Anniversary

So a year ago The Stars Hollow Gazette went public and since then we’ve published 3,396 pieces or an average of 9.3 a day.  We’ve had some 40,27 visits and 216,845 views for an average of 111 and 468 daily during the course of our initial year, not so bad for a start up with minimal linkage and whoring.  Considering most political commentary community sites perish well before this I consider it an auspicious omen.

On that first day I had 4 posts, punching a little above my average-

I’ll be republishing Why Blog? and On Patriotism because it’s always good to remember where you came from.  Now might be a good time for members and potential members to visit the FAQs and refresh your memories though they haven’t changed a bit.

If you’re interested enough to take a full trip in the wayback machine this link tries to strike a moving target, we’re nothing if not prolific.

During the coming week I’ll be visiting several topics related to our past year including some experiments that didn’t work so you can point and hoot at my mistakes.

I have an agenda of change that I hope is going to make our past, present, and future content more accessible and easier to find and link to.  Soapblox has a new 2.0 platform to which we may migrate.  I’m hopeful some linux script genius will come up with one that allows us to do independent site backups based on the sequentiality of the diary urls.

TheMomCat and I are both working on making the site even more self sustaining by developing a larger community of Authors and a revenue stream to carry the hosting fees and add site improvements.  If you sell patchouli or tie dyed T-Shirts I’m sure we can come up with some reasonable rates.

We’re open to running sourced and linked pieces from advocacy groups.  Your press release isn’t a sure promotion but we’ve no objection to our readers seeing it (for the most part, editorial decisions are capricious and final).  Soapblox is capable of handling 50 member contributions a day out of the box and you can easily add extensions to handle arbitrary amounts with reasonable currency.  I think I’ll keep the Front Page no hotter than 1 every hour.

Well, you should plan for success.

And that relies on you.  I like to think The Stars Hollow Gazette has developed into a site of character and interest, a place you visit several times a day to read the latest and are proud to contribute at.  If you feel the same I urge you to send us your eyeballs and read, link, quote, comment, and recommend.

Thank you for your support.


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