F1: Silverstone

Scuderia Marlboro UPC has a hissy fit

You know it’s nothing unusual for the boys from Maranello to fail to engineer a competitive car and use their influence with the FIA to change the rules in their favor, but their days of influence may be over.  There’s no doubt at this point that they’re behind the mid season Off Throttle Blown Diffuser rule change and they’re looking pretty sad and pathetic when only Sauber (who uses their engines) supports them.

Things are not happy in the Formula One Teams Association, there’s also the fact the Concorde Agreement has expired and is extended only through a letter, not a contract, through 2012 following a heated dispute that led many teams to threaten to go CART.  While nominally guided by Martin Whitmarsh of McLaren and Ross Brawn of Mercedes the FOTA is widely viewed as a tool of Bernie Ecclestone who has a distinct conflict of interest and a hazy history of influence on the FIA itself with his cozy relationship to Max Mosley the fifth columnist Nazi’s son who got the boot for his sexcapades.

Interestingly enough this was the scoop of the recently deceased and unlamented News of the World who published sick Nazi Sex Orgy by Neville Thurlbeck so who knows what to think?

It’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small world.

Sometimes it helps if you sing.

There will be another meeting before Nürburgring (did I mention I like irony?) which probably won’t help much since the FIA is insisting on unanimous consent.

Oh, car racing.  Haven’t the foggiest.  No spoilers you know.

Eventually I’ll have pretty tables, stay tuned.


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  1. Starting in Inters.  Could start raining in ernest any time.

  2. Some cars smoking.

  3. Hadn’t tried the Speed Racecast button where I usually get my standings.

    Race over dude.

  4. Not that dry yet and rain still forecast.

  5. His Inters were off anyway.

  6. Schumacher was right.

    Everyone in.

  7. Schumacher gets a stop and go from tagging Kobayashi

    Sauber under investigation for a pit lane incident.

  8. Kobayashi stop and go for unsafe release.

  9. You can’t use your team mate’s.

  10. Alonso



  11. My connection is working like a slug.

  12. Two blow engines.  A Ferrari and a Renault.

  13. Final stop.

  14. Chief’s fault.

  15. 10 laps to go.

  16. Somebody should be with another team.

  17. Alonso










  18. It’s IndyCar Toronto instead, which you’re welcome to talk about here or there.

    • TMC on 07/10/2011 at 20:04

    Vettel’s pit crew for his loss.

    Sebastian Vettel’s domination took a little dip on Sunday at the British Grand Prix, but this time it had nothing to do with a weakness of the driver or the car.

    After leading more that half of the race, the German driver made a pit stop in his Red Bull, and his crew ran into a problem putting on a wheel. That held up Vettel just long enough for the man immediately behind him, Fernando Alonso, to pass him in the pits and take the lead. Vettel had won six of eight races this season.

    Mr. Alonso, in a Ferrari, drove on to dominate the last third of the race. It was Alsono and his Ferrari team’s first victory this season, and it was the 27th victory of Alonso’s career. It was also the 60th anniversary of Ferrari’s first victory in Formula One, which happened here at Silverstone in 1951 with José Froilán González driving.

    I wonder how much of a factor were all the last minute rule changes that might have favored a Ferrari win for the anniversary?

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