Jul 17 2011

FIFA World Cup 2011




You see, you have to make it long because you don’t hear it much.

It’s indicative of a flaw in my character that I’m uninterested in pitcher’s duels and Football.  Outside my jingoistic sports nationalism I doubt I’d be covering the event at all, not because I’m misogynous- I like womens’ Basketball better than mens’, but I also like scoring and there isn’t any.

Japan is the compelling underdog story.  Punching above their weight in a bid for redemption after a natural disaster (not quite sure how a trivial sporting victory does that, but I’m sure that just like underpants it leads to profit somehow).

On the other hand you have our bodice ripping titans striding Gulliver-like onto the field amid mindless chants of USA!  USA!

Sigh.  I told you I’m the wrong guy to convey the earth shattering importance of the occasion, I’m much better with the trivial and mundane.

Unlike some matches we are in fact guarenteed a victor if only by penalty kick shootout after 90 minutes of a scoreless tie.  Don’t laugh, that’s how we won over Brazil.

I do know enough to recognize that Japan plays ball control and the game itself is all about making the shot angle as acute as possible so the effective size of the goal is reduced.

Like Hockey except for the teeth on the ice.

So if you feel inclined to expose my ignorance of the nuances of the noble game feel free to do so below.

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