Jul 31 2011

Cutting Deficits Kills Jobs

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According to a PEW Poll I saw, a majority of Americans think cutting the deficit will save jobs. But cutting the deficit will:

  • Stop spending on goods and services; and/or
  • Destroy purchasing power with taxes

So clearly, cutting the deficit kills jobs compared to the exact same policies with a larger deficit.

Pollies are pandering to people who have been told (by whom, they mostly don’t know) that cutting deficits save jobs. But in reality, cutting deficits kill jobs. Oops.

With the economy now set to slide into a double dip recession, with both parties dedicated to policies that will bring about recession, what is there to do?

I reckon the thing to do is to get ahead of the game, for once. In response to a diary at another blog, someone was talking about whether progressives should support the Democrats, stay home, vote third party, yadda yadda yadda, and my response is this:

Next fracking year?

How about now?

The economy is sliding back into recession, we have to get ahead of the game and get some firebrand progressive populists into primaries to contest state legislature and Congressional seats.

We can’t sit back now like a baseball team in January ~ this is not the off season to mull over what we might do when the games start … this is the season itself.

We’ve got more incumbant Republicans at the state legislature level to blame for the impact of Republican policies than at any time since 1928.

As far as the Presidential race, its just like the focus on the 2012 General Election on blogs when we have work to do for the 2012 Primary Season … that is a distraction that the mess media use to gull us into waiting until it is too late to make the gains that are there to be made.

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