2012 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship: Round of 32 Day 1

It is extemely hard to keep up and I’ve made some mistakes (which I blame on my source material, so spare me the sympathy- I’ve got my righteous indignation on).

I expect that later this evening I’ll recap where we’re at, but if I don’t get there until tomorrow that’s when I do (I sound so much more mellow in print than I do screaming at the screen because one of my </td>s got eaten).

UConn, Louisville, Stanford, Tennessee, those are the only Women’s Basketball programs of note and if one of them does not win I’ll be entirely surprised.  Notre Dame is trying to catch up, Pat Summitt is suffering from Alzheimers.

What I like about the Women’s game is that it really is about fundamentals- passing, offense, defense.  The Men’s game is an NBA audition and rewards selfishness and showboating even though there are more genuine stars in terms of sheer athletic ability on the ladies side.

Not trying to prove anything here, but I actually believe Men are genetically damaged and engaged in cultural oppression to mask their inferiority.

Man is without any doubt the most interesting fool there is.

He can seldom take a plain fact and get any but a wrong meaning out of it. He cannot help this; it is the way the confusion he calls his mind is constructed. Consider the things he concedes, and the curious conclusions he draws from them.

(F)rom the time a woman is seven years old till she dies of old age, she is ready for action, and competent. As competent as the candlestick is to receive the candle. Competent every day, competent every night. Also she wants that candle — yearns for it, longs for it, hankers after it, as commanded by the law of God in her heart.

But man is only briefly competent; and only then in the moderate measure applicable to the word in his sex’s case. He is competent from the age of sixteen or seventeen thence-forward for thirty-five years. After fifty his performance is of poor quality, the intervals between are wide, and its satisfactions of no great value to either party; whereas his great-grandmother is as good as new.

(T)here you have a sample of man’s “reasoning powers,” as he calls them. He observes certain facts. For instance, that in all his life he never sees the day that he can satisfy one woman; also, that no woman ever sees the day that she can’t overwork, and defeat, and put out of commission any ten masculine plants that can be put to bed to her. He puts those strikingly suggestive and luminous facts together, and from them draws this astonishing conclusion: The Creator intended the woman to be restricted to one man.

So he concretes that singular conclusion into law, for good and all.

And he does it without consulting the woman, although she has a thousand times more at stake in the matter than he has. His procreative competency is limited to an average of a hundred exercises per year for fifty years, hers is good for three thousand a year for that whole time — and as many years longer as she may live. Thus his life interest in the matter is five thousand refreshments, while hers is a hundred and fifty thousand; yet instead of fairly and honorably leaving the making of the law to the person who has an overwhelming interest at stake in it, this immeasurable hog, who has nothing at stake in it worth considering, makes it himself!

Letters from the Earth

Time Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
7 pm 1 UConn 30-4 8 Kansas State 20-13 East
7 pm 2 Maryland 29-4 7 Louisville 23-9 South
7 pm 1 Stanford 31-1 8 West Virginia 23-9 West
7 pm 4 Purdue 25-8 5 South Carolina 24-9 West
9:30 pm 3 Texas A&M 22-10 6 Arkansas 23-8 South
9:30 pm 2 Tennessee 24-8 7 DePaul 23-10 Mid West
9:30 pm 3 Miami 25-5 11 Gonzaga 26-5 East
9:30 pm 2 Kentucky 26-6 7 UW Green Bay 30-1 East


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  1. About what you would expect.

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    #22 Texas A&M over Arkansas 59 – 61

    #9 Tennessee defeated DePaul 48 – 63

    Gonzaga beat #8 Miami (FL) 54 -65

    #12 Kentucky ousted #10 Green Bay 62 – 65

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