New Blog: All things saxophone?

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Just when you thought everything everybody thought of was already on the internet, here’s something new. A site dedicated to all things saxophone. The post today is about custom mouthpieces.

My visit with the legendary Phil Barone

So now that you've gone over there, make sure you stop by  and comment.  I hear the proprietor is a real hands-on guy, and will even make you coffee.    

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  1. How are you?  

  2. Just read through it.

    I’m a former serious Euphonium player. I eventually learned there were no professional opportunities for Euph players beyond military and circus bands.

    I played some Alto & Tenor Sax in college while majoring in music ed. I can pretty much get through Happy Birthay on each, along with a couple dozen other instruments. Of course the most important thing I learned at music school was how to play Recorder duets using each nostril. (used that to frighten my young niece and nephew away from music altogether)

    I’ll fwd the link to some old friends who still play pro.

    Great first read. Sax World is a sure hit!

    • TMC on 03/20/2012 at 02:44

    was the only reason I voted for him. BTW, I told him that. 😉

  3. for ALL of them!

    Cool, didn’t know you could do that.

    But if I had to choose only one it would be Best Blog Evah!

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