Jul 28 2012

BCA: Fearmonging with a twist

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I’ve discussed the BCA (Budget Control Act of 2011) both here and here and the fact that the MIC aided by Republicans and Democrats through the use of propaganda campaigns are attempting to use fear as a tactic to override the, well any “cuts” to the Defense budget. The facts mean nothing to these people obviously.

Now enter the ties between industry and congress to propagate behind closed doors the expectations of those that have become used to and flourishes on the peoples dime.

Key Senate Staffer on Military Issues Got Big Payout From Lockheed Martin

Former Lockheed vice president Ann Elise Sauer was hired by Sen. John McCain in February as the top Republican staffer on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The revolving door swings regularly in Washington, but the size of the compensation package Sauer received from Lockheed when she left the company is notable. A financial disclosure form shows the defense giant gave Sauer $1.6 million in compensation around the time she took a buyout in January 2011.

No worries, just ask, answers are at the ready.

“When Ms. Sauer accepted Senator McCain’s offer to lead his Armed Services Committee staff, she did so at her own financial detriment, as she was required to liquidate all remaining Lockheed stock and options in compliance with Senate Ethics Committee guidelines,” Rogers said.

So I suppose we are to believe that Ms. Sauer has taken this cut in pay for the betterment of the country, oh wait.

“She was the corporation’s federal budget expert,” according to her bio posted on the site of the group Women in Defense, “responsible for tracking and analyzing the federal budget, both defense and non-defense. At various times, she was responsible for managing the corporation’s senior-level interfaces with senior Executive and Legislative Branch officials on a wide array of programs and policy issues.”

She briefly started a military consulting firm specializing in “federal budget and fiscal policy information and insights.” Sauer’s financial disclosure, which is required of senior congressional staffers, lists $55,000 in consulting fees paid by another defense giant, BAE Systems.

Surprise, surprise.

Lockheed declined to comment.

There you have it your transparent government at work. The problem is that while these types of things are happening there is always somebody screaming “SQUIRREL!” to distract from the actual goings on that is “our government” and the bought and paid for “media” do their bidding..

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