Aug 18 2012

No Dancing

I think I’ve mentioned that I had a life as a semi-professional DJ, not that I didn’t charge but I didn’t quit my day job either.  I was usually partnered with my buddy who had a very extensive CD collection and some high end hardware to play it on.  We mostly did Club Mixers and Receptions and it can be a lot of fun if people are into the music.

Among the things I learned is that there are many excellent songs that are either impossible to dance to or that no one will dance to because they’re not familiar.  This is why we still have the Chicken Dance even though everyone hates it.

Middle schoolers are a particularly tough audience because if it hasn’t been on Radio Disney 100 times today you might as well be playing a waltz.

Anyway I thought I’d share some of the stuff that I liked that but could never use.  The problem with Soft Parade is that nobody able to move anymore has ever heard of Jim Morrison and it’s got tempo changes (Paradise by the Dashboard Light on the other hand is a sure hit and I hope I never hear it again).

Soft Parade

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