Nov 24 2012

Formula One 2012: Interlagos Qualifying

Well the big news on this, the final week of the 2012 Formula One season, is the replacement of Kamui Kobayashi on the Sauber team by Esteban Gutierrez.

Now this is in some respects not that unexpected.  Gutierrez has been a back up and development driver at Sauber for 3 years now and will be a Mexican on a team with considerable Mexican investment.  Since the departure of Honda and Toyota from the sport Japanese money and involvement has drastically declined and even Suzuka is frequently mentioned as a track on the bubble in Bernie’s insatiable pursuit of petro bucks in a sport as fossilized in greed as the fuel it wastes, not to mention those handy machine gun toting mercenaries who hose the rabble out from underneath the tires of the armored SUVs that shuffle the C List celebrities and whores of the billionaire box business dealers back and forth from the hotels each day.

And so Kobayashi is forced to beg on the internet for enough dough to keep driving, exposing the truth that far from a Galtian meritocracy Formula One is even more blatantly than most a bribery driven sham, an amusement for bored Boyars with more bucks than brains too stupid to realize that they’re merely second class wanna be rubes in a game where the trendy potlach is your own personal state with a space program, a libertarian paradise where you can snort your hillbilly heroin straight from the crack of a dead hooker’s ass and drive around naked except for your multi-barrel mini-gun imagining you’re the Terminator when the only similarity is your steroid shriveled testicles.


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