Nov 25 2012

Alan Grayson: My Thanksgiving – A Turkey Sandwich at WalMart

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I did not spend Thanksgiving evening with my wife and my five children. I spent it, instead, handing out turkey sandwiches to workers in Walmart. And showing my support for one brave soul who walked off the job in protest against exploitation…


I am a little curious how other liberals feel about Alan Grayson, who I regard as something of a modern Huey Long.  

I don’t mean to hint in any way that Alan Grayson is corrupt nor remotely as brazen, uneducated and as ugly talking as Huey Long:

If you can’t take their money, drink their liquor, eat their food and screw their women and then look them in the eye and tell them your agin them, you aren’t man enough to be in the Senate.

– Huey Long

Huey Long’s racist diatribes would have made a George Wallace blanch but the descendants of slaves in Louisiana at the time were apparently intelligent enough to see through the awful noise.  It was reported that Huey Long would undoubtedly have garnered a hefty vote from the descendants of slaves had they been allowed to vote in the old segregationist South.  The Longs as a whole were remarkable for never supporting segregation.

FDR hated Huey Long with a purple passion.  Long’s successful attack on FDR’s draconian cut of veterans pensions was a stinging defeat that FDR never forgave nor forgot.

Huey had a unique and powerful debating style.  A fellow senator standing alongside Huey Long at a urinal in the Senate restroom began telling Huey why he was against a bill of Huey’s.  Huey turned sidewise without saying a word.  I don’t imagine any other senator again chose to debate Huey Long in a public restroom anywhere.

So how does Grayson remotely compare to Huey Long and Long’s Share Our Wealth with Long first to the trough?

– The noise level, the demos, some rough edges that horrify conservative kossacks on the Orange Satan are part of the pattern of an actual progressive.


Best,  Terry    

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