Oct 17 2014

TDS/TCR (Sheep)


Oh yeah, this will work.

I found an error!  On the Internet!

The real news and next week’s guests(?) below.

The 12 Minute Version

Is next week a week off?  Comedy Central says- “To Be Announced”.  Well, we’ll always have baseball.

Or I may dream of napping.

Bryan Stevenson is not really some kind of O’Reilly antidote Jon and any joke that takes 2 days to set up really isn’t much of a joke is it?

I don’t reckon them times will ever come again. There never was a more burlier old ram than what he was. Grandfather fetched him from Illinois-got him of a man by the name of Yates-Bill Yates-maybe you might have heard of him; his father was a deacon-Baptist-and he was a rustler, too; a man had to get up ruther early to get the start of old Thankful Yates; it was him that put the Greens up to jining teams with my grandfather when he moved West. Seth Green was prob’ly the pick of the flock; he married a Wilkerson-Sarah Wilkerson-good cretur, she was-one of the likeliest heifers that was ever raised in old Stoddard, everybody said that knowed her. She could heft a bar’l of flour as easy as I can flirt a flapjack. And spin? Don’t mention it! Independent? Humph! When Sile Hawkins come abrowsing around her, she let him know that for all his tin he couldn’t trot in harness alongside of her. You see, Sile Hawkins was-no, it warn’t Sile Hawkins, after all-it was a galoot by the name of Filkins-I disremember his first name; but he was a stump-come into pra’r meeting drunk, one night, hooraying for Nixon, becuzhe thought it was a primary; and old deacon Ferguson up and scooted him through the window and he lit on old Miss Jefferson’s head, poor old filly. She was a good soul-had a glass eye and used to lend it to old Miss Wagner, that hadn’t any, to receive company in; it warn’t big enough, and when Miss Wagner warn’t noticing, it would get twisted around in the socket, and look up, maybe, or out to one side, and every which way, while t’other one was looking as straight ahead as a spyglass. Grown people didn’t mind it, but it most always made the children cry…

Bill Deresiewicz

In the summer of 2008, Deresiewicz published a controversial essay for The American Scholar titled The Disadvantages of an Elite Education. In it, he criticizes the Ivy League and other elite colleges and universities for supposedly coddling their students and discouraging independent thought. He claims that elite institutions produce students who are unable to communicate with people who don’t have the same background as themselves, using his own inability to talk to his plumber as his first example.

His new book is called Excellent Sheep with a big X through the ‘Excellent’.

I wonder what that means?

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