Dec 25 2010

Six In The Morning

I’ll Play Scrooge To Your Grinch

And Don’t For Get To Hand Over All The Damn Money

Daniel J. Langevin was 35, mentally ill and broke. He had been living in psychiatric institutions on and off since his early 20s.

A friend who visited him at the Rochester Psychiatric Center in February 1995 remembered that Mr. Langevin had pain in his jaw, eye and face that was not getting much attention from the staff. A week later, he was discovered unconscious, with a near-fatal infection spreading to his brain and other organs.

Mr. Langevin sued New York State, which operates the hospital, and probably would have won a sizable award.

Dissent Is Allowed as Long As You Don’t Offer Any Dissent

Keep Quite Or It’s Off To Prison  

CARACAS, Venezuela – The National Assembly has approved a sweeping set of laws that impose penalties for spreading political dissent on the Internet, grant decree powers to President Hugo Chávez for 18 months and prevent legislators from breaking with his political movement.Despite an outcry here by critics, pro-Chávez lawmakers rapidly approved the measures in the closing weeks of the year, before a less pliant legislature convenes next month with a bigger opposition presence.

I Really Really Really Am President

The West African regional bloc Ecowas has told incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo to stand down or expect to face “legitimate force”.

If You Don’t Believe Me I’ll Stomp My Feet and Hold My Breath

The statement came at the end of emergency talks on the crisis sparked by a disputed election last month.

The 15-member bloc and other international bodies have recognised his rival Alassane Ouattara as winner.

The Ivory Coast’s Constitutional Council says Mr Gbagbo was elected, citing vote-rigging in some areas.

The election was meant to unite the country after a civil war in 2002 split the world’s largest cocoa producer in two.

On Thursday state television, one of the key elements keeping Mr Gbagbo in power, was taken off the air in areas outside Abidjan.

With Elbows Swinging And Credit Cards Flying

Shoppers Race Into Christmas    

On the last day day of shopping before Christmas, Cornell Lewis had an armful of bags packed with leather boots, watches and a remote-controlled helicopter set – mostly gifts for his nieces and nephews.

But Lewis, 44, didn’t get these gifts at a mall, like many shoppers on Christmas Eve. Indeed, he went to a place without sprawling malls – downtown Los Angeles. There, he joined throngs of lively gift-givers going shop to shop in Chinatown and the toy district.

“You can get the same items here for half the price,” said Lewis, a retail manager who lives in Hollywood.

Jesus Doesn’t Want Me On The Radio


But, The Pope Doesn’t Mind

Pope Benedict’s Christmas message for the UK was broadcast as the Thought for the Day on Radio 4’s Today programme.

He said he prayed for the sick and elderly and “those who are going through any form of hardship”.

In his message, he recalled his recent UK visit with “great fondness” and said he was glad to greet listeners again.

Emerging Superpower Can’t Produce Weapons  

So, Others Do It For Them. Isn’t That Wonderful

MOSCOW – The Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise Salyut on the east side of town has put up a massive Soviet-style poster advertising its need for skilled workers. The New Year’s party at the Chernyshev plant in a northwest suburb featured ballet dancers twirling on the stage of its Soviet-era Palace of Culture.

The reason for the economic and seasonal cheer is that these factories produce fighter-jet engines for a wealthy and voracious customer: China. After years of trying, Chinese engineers still can’t make a reliable engine for a military plane.

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