Oct 15 2014

Dispatches From Hellpeckersville- Weather Woes

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The dampness is killing me! No kidding, I am achy all over. I knew I was having a moderate flare at the beginning of the week, but I just took some pills and went about my business. I have a pretty good support system here at chez triv, no heavy lifting required, so I figured all would be well, but last night I made a horrible blunder without even realizing it.

As I mentioned in a previous post I am teaching my sweet baboo to sew. Last week we pulled out the new machine and played with the fancy stitches and he had waited patiently while I was sick, so this week, I thought we would begin a project. Just something simple, I thought, nothing too complicated, maybe a patchwork throw pillow…easy right? It should have been.

What went wrong? Well, it turns out that mom is kind of a dipshit and I bought a rotary cutter that was a wee bit too small for the ruler I have, but–it was all I had. I needed to cut ten 5″x 5″ squares in one fabric and eight 5″ x 5″ squares in another. I found out on the very first cut that if I angled that sucker in the least–the nut hit the edge of the ruler sending me off the cut-line—GAH!!!

So, there I am, one shoulder hunched up like Quasimodo, teetering over the table like a vulture, trying to keep the damned cutter totally perpendicular, cutting the fabric. A job that should have taken a half hour at most, took me an hour and fifteen minutes, and of course I messed up and ruined two squares. But that’s not the best part. Nay! Nay! The best part came today.

I woke up today with my upper body screaming, “What’d you do last night, triv? Hope ya had fun moving in that manner because today? Today you pay!” And the stupid weather is not helping. I was achy yesterday, what the hell was I thinking? I know what I’m thinking today–just as soon as I can move I’m getting a new rotary cutter.

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